Dusk Blue Jersey Turban, Head Wrap, Alopecia Scarf, Chemo Hat and Scarf Set

  • $ 50.00

The Dusk Blue Jersey Turban is a 2-piece set of a fitted hat and matching scarf. The hat and scarf can be worn together or separately with any length of hair, to disguise hair loss or just add style to a bad hair day.

You will receive easy instructions for several ways to style the set.

The hat fits so beautifully that it can be worn with the gathering in back, front or on either side for a different look.

The set is magic - everyone who puts one on finds a new way to style it. Trust the process, put it on, then let your imagination fly.

The scarf also can be worn separately around your neck, or as a head band during a transition of hair loss or regrowth.

If you ever have been frustrated trying to wrap a head scarf, these are the head wraps for you!

The patented "Turban Diva Designs®" hat completely covers your head and provides fullness, comfort and security. The scarf gives you endless styling options. With this set there's no "flat head" look, and it won't slip off.

One size fits 21-24 inches.

Fabric: 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex for a gentle stretch that holds its shape.Rayon is a fine fiber that is made from the cellulose of plants. It is highly absorbent and “breathable.” It does not insulate body heat, making it ideal for hot or humid climates, and comfortable with hot flashes.

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